Keenan OBio

On the scene for almost a decade! Keenan O is definitely the ultimate House Dj.

Introduced to the industry by his dad, Keenan O began his passionate career at the tender age of 14 on entry level belt drive Turntables, before purchasing a set of the legendary Technics SL 1200 Turntables.

Being that young, Keenan O’s growth as a DJ was limited. That however never stopped the young lad from taking the industry by storm.

At just 16, he graced line-ups with the likes of Oskido, Fresh, The late DJ Monde, Vinni da Vinci, Christos, Cleo, Mbuso but to name a few at JHB’s hotspots such as Intersection, Horror Café, 115, the list goes.

Being 1 of the youngest and arguably most talented DJ’s on the scene, Keenan O was invited to play at Y-FM on a couple of occasions.

Today Keenan O’s resume presents a background of increasingly important assigments in the industry.

As a result, Keenan O has featured on line-ups with the likes of Dj Kent, Black Coffee, Euphonik, The late Brett Jackson, International DJ/Producer Harrison Crump, International DJ/Producer Rocco, Liquid Deep, Lady Lea, Houshold Funk, Ryan Dent, Craig da Sousa, Roger da Lux and Many more.

In addition, Keenan O featured Live on Catherine Grenfell’s Live to the power of 5 show on 5FM in 2009.

Keenan O has also started producing music which is a work in progress.

Music is Life!